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Posted on 03/26/2023
Build permit 101: What you need to know
Most major construction or renovation projects require...
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Posted on 10/23/2022
Pros & cons of slab concrete in foundation building
Home builders have used concrete in foundation creation for centuries. While a concrete slab is not your only choice of foundation type, it’s the most commonly used across all climates. While a concrete slab foundation might be the best option for some, there are some downsides. Here is a guide to the main pros & cons of having...
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Posted on 10/24/2021
3 Things That Make Prefab Homes Sustainable
"vipp's prefab shelter" by Nicolás Boullosa licensed under CC BY 2.0 Prefabricated homes come with many advantages. They require less time and less labor than traditional building process and still allow you to own your own home with a much smaller budget. Sustainability is another key factor discussed among builders and buyers alike. Builders promote prefabricated homes as...
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